O U R  T E A M

Senior Pastors

Pastors' Yuriy and Viktoriya Mayba are the founding and senior pastors of Impulse Church since it launched in 2017. Impulse Church is known for its welcoming atmosphere, life-giving culture, and focuses on leading people to an intimate relationship with God.

Pastors' Yuriy and Viktoriya have a passion for the community and the next generation.

Together, with their three children, they moved to Santa Rosa Beach, Florida in 2017, where they now live and call home.

Lead Team

Associate Pastor & PULSE Youth Director Matthew Richard and his wife, Victoria Richard.
Executive Manager Michael Infalt & his wife, Christian Infalt, our Impulse KIDS Director. 

Impulse Creative and Media Directors

Jason and Jenna Shinholster

Lifeline Recovery Leaders
Impulse KIDS Assistant Director
Missions and Outreach Directors