Where radical faith and life’s wisdom is found on the same platform.

Many people in order to show their faith do stupid things that God never wanted them to do. On the other side, people are scared to show their faith in God because they can’t explain it.
Jesus called us to be example to all, have faith in God and everything we do, do it like unto Him.

Our marriages, our jobs, our hobbies, our living room, our life, even our failures can be example and produce the message of Good news about Christ.

Latest Episode

Reality of Faith and Wisdom Podcast by Yuriy Mayba

This episode talks about being a silent warrior. Where doing things behind the scenes is sometimes way more important than being in front of a huge stage. Trusting God and be willing to be used by God gives you the strength to answer His calling for your life!

Yuriy Mayba is interviewing Scott Infalt. Scott Infalt was born in South Bend Indiana, lived in Germany and now resides in Freeport, Florida. He is the media director in Impulse Church. He has been a missionary based in Germany and travelled to different countries to preach the gospel. He owns a video production business named Goodvibe Media Group.