Growth Track

Welcome Home! Growth Track is a “next step” to get to know the Impulse Church family, and to learn more about the faith, vision, purpose and structure of our church. This class is interaction-based, inviting discussion and participation. We invite your questions and opinions. We want to get to know you and your journey!

2nd and 3rd Sunday of every month at 5:30 pm
*The first half hour is time for fellowship and sharing a light meal.

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Just in case you’re wondering what this class is all about …

In the first week of class, we will discuss:

  • OUR FAITH: We believe that the sole basis for our belief is the Bible, which is uniquely God-inspired, without error, and the final authority on all matters of which it speaks.
  • OUR VISION: To be a place where people find LIFE and HOPE through Jesus Christ for every circumstance in their lives. Impulse Church is a place to belong; where people, overflowing with hope and love, serve the one in front of them.
  • OUR PURPOSE: Love the Real God, who is tangible; Find Freedom; Love All People; Live With Purpose; Leave a Legacy; Enjoy Life
  • OUR CALLING: A look at who God is and becoming a follower of Christ.

In the second week, we will discuss:

  • OUR CHURCH: It’s structure, including an overview of the governing board; the difference between attenders and members…and we formally invite you to partner with us as MEMBER of our church family!
  • CORE MOTIVATIONS: God made you different than others. You’re wired with motivations that others are not. When you learn your Core Motivations, you will pick the right friends, the right career, and you’ll find your perfect service area at church.